ADA Goes Farmin'
(Photos by Dan Baeza)

ADA divers became gentlemen and gentlewomen farmers this Saturday, September 6, as they learned how to harvest and plant coral. The day started with a classrom lecture on coral formations and coral planting. As part of the lecture, our intrepid divers participated in hands-on training in preparation for our dive.

After a quick lunch provided by ADA, the team drove down to Florida Keys Dive Center and boarded a charter boat headed for the coral nursery. The divers quickly found out that performing the work on dry land was an order of magnitude harder in the water. Current, bouyancy control, and the need to hold everything with just two hands, made the task much more complex. One diver remarked, "I had to fight the urge to put the crimping hardware in my mouth. I needed several more hands...." To view more photos of the event, go to the Photo Gallery and click on "CRF", or click here to be taken directly to it.


Divin' in Key Largo with Rainbow Reef Dive Center

(Photos by Roger Smalling)

Members of the Active Divers Association enjoyed a Chamber of Commerce day in Key Largo last Saturday, August 2. The water was calm, the visibility excellent, and the fish cooperative. What could be better?



Reef Report - July 26

Our 1st dive was to a new site called Round Window Reef.  Maximum depth was 25 feet, and the visibility ws up to 30 feet. Seas were 2 to 3 feet, and there was no current. The water temperature was 85 degrees. There were schooling Blue Runners and caves filled with Copper Sweepers. Reef fish sightings including sub-tropical fish typical for the area.

We went to Emerald Reef for the 2nd dive. The depth was 25 feet, and the visibility ranged from 30 to 40 feet. There was little current and the seas were 2 feet or less. Water temperature was a scorching 88 degrees at the top, and 84 degrees at depth.  Again, the fish theme was sub-tropical. Threatening weather in the form of a thunderstorm failed to develop.



A common and legitimate question we hear from our members. The answer is yes and no.  Some dive shops/boat captains include tanks, others do not.  Their reasons vary, but some find private tanks, for example steel 120s, do not fit in in the boat's custom-designed tank racks, others consider tanks a part of their professional service.  When in doubt, just refer to our dive schedule page and those operators including tanks as part of their service will display "TANKS INCLUDED".  If it is not noted, tanks are not included.


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Photo courtesy of ADA member Carol Cox

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